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Monday, August 1, 2011

Crafting in the Park

This is a bag my sister made, looks great doesn't it.  I am using it for my supplies.

The rest of the things I will need for the project, I decided to not bring  my little "bowl", that helps put seed beads on a string.
Beads made with a wooden bead and seed beads.

Today my sisters and a sister friend went crafting in the park.  My sister picked the project, I think it came from craftgossip website.  If that isn't right she can edit that info.  We usually meet for lunch about one day a month, so we brought our lunch to the park to eat and craft.  We shared a few things and one thing the friend shared were some beads she made in a class, they put thread through a wooden bead and then wove seed beads to cover the wooden beads,  interesting.  I may try this this winter, I like to have something to do in the evening.

That little ruffled one is so cute!

Fabric beads we made.
My sister who likes to do scrapbooking brought some flowers for my other sister.  They were made of paper and buttons.  Then we got busy on our project.  We took a large cotton ball and covered it with fabric, the directions said to make the fabric 1 inch by 35 but I think 35 is a little long.  Then we sewed the fabric around the cotton ball and then added beads.  You will notice that there are only 3 beads and there were 4 of us there, one of us used plain fabric and it just didn't have the look of the others.

It was a great lunch, great company and a great project.  I am not sure that I am going to be making a whole bunch of these they were a little labor intensive.

 But we decided that we need to do this every month, pick a project and get crafting.  I especially like a project where I already have all the supplies.

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