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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hmmm.....well that is my title below...Garden Journals...and I had a nice photo of a sweet little squash, but it all disappeared  and only the title got posted....perhaps it was the person at the keyboard.   I have taught many classes about growing veggies and always include a part on keeping a journal....it can be a simple calendar, a notebook or something on the computer.   It is important to remember names of things we plant so we can either plant it again because we loved it or never again because we didn't.   It also allows us to point out where we plant so that we can rotate crops.   By doing so, it cuts down on soil borne problems.   We should learn what is in each family too so we don't plant their 'cousins'.   A good example is potatoes, and tomatoes which are in the same family.   But do I follow my teachins'?....no....I have two kinds of winter squash and I cannot tell you the name of either.   Just hope they are tasty and I can find their picture in my spring catalogs so I can tell people when I serve them what they are eating.

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