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Friday, August 12, 2011

Collection Envy

I also loved the card Gail made displayed on one of these doodads, and then Amy wishing she had more......well.....remember a few days ago we were talking about collections and not to gloat or anything....but I have these..quite a few of them as you can see...I love them and there are so many kinds out there....mine are housed in my little potting shed and I love looking at them when I am out there.   And speaking of yard sales, when you don't work, like me, anymore...you can go on Fridays and I did this morning...I was looking for a full skirt for my scarecrow and a nice big pillow for his tummy but I didn't find.   I bought only 3 things and spent $1.50....the dollar was for the angel wings for my daughter to wear for Relay for Life on her Zirkle Angels team...and the 50 cents was for 2 bags of kiddy jewelry.   Natalie came over and went thru it all and when she was I spotted a real opal ring with 10 carat gold.....yes!!!...it is a child's ring and will go to my child, my daughter..who isn't a child but the opal is her birth stone.....Yippee!

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