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Friday, August 26, 2011

Road Trip

Old warp

New warp
Tomorrow we are going on a one night road trip, riding 2 ferries and visiting 2 childrens' museums with our 2 grandsons. They are staying the night tonight and we are leaving in the morning.  On the weaving front I warped a new warp to tie on to the old one and got just to the last 40 threads and realized that I wouldn't have enough yarn. Most of my yarn is just found here and there, E-bay, yard sales or Goodwill.  Once and awhile I order some new yarn but you probably noticed that I am cheap. Yes, it is true, I am cheap.I didn't have any more of the yarn I was working with so I had to remove those warps and start a new warp.  Which I did and now I am busy tying the yarn together. I have also decided that I need to dye some yarn. I have a lot of white cotton and that just needs to be a different color. I have never dyed before unless you count the times I dyed with Rit when I was a kid. So I am getting the supplies, already ordered and when they arrive I am going to dye. I may even paint some warps, maybe my sisters would like to help.

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