Writings from 3 sisters, who love to garden, do scrapbooking, fiber arts and sometimes have an opinion.

Friday, July 26, 2013

What is all this stuff?

my truck is loaded and looks like I am moving across country.....but it is only less than 200 miles...to my grandaughter's wedding......and she has ask me to do her flowers...colors are white and lavender...so I have gleaned from my garden, my friend's garden, the demonstration garden and when I am in the truck it smells a bit like a funeral parlor.....the lavender is wonderful and phlox too...but look at those globe thistles from my garden!

, love them....and  that huge bunch of lavender baby's breathe!.........hope I can do the job she wants....4 bouquets, 8 boutineers and 12 bouquets for vases.........oh and those blueberries are for my sister and the wedding too...and all that 'stuff' in the front seat?...my 'tools', lawn games, and some jam for my sister....I am off and running....good thing I have a skinny butt because there is little room left in the truck....

Friday, July 19, 2013

Craft sale

Last weekend we sold things at a sale benefitting Relay for Life. It is a shame that more people didn't come out for the sale. We didn't make much but we did make enough to pay for the booth and a little bit more. I took a few pictures of our booth before the sale started.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Just spent a couple of days in Seattle. Some people go to Seattle to see the Space Needle, we head to Goodwill. I have been making little pin cushions with handwoven fabric and I found some things at Goodwill to make more. Some people go to Seattle to see the aquarium but we head to Weaving Works. We picked up just 3 cones to make some more dish towels. Some people go to Seattle to see one of their great museums and we are no exception, we went to the Burke museum which is on the campus of the University of Washington. They have an exhibit called, "Empowering Women," it was a good exhibit but small, they had some great weavings.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On the loom

I have been working on a pink rag rug and my husband just finished a run of dish towels. We are in a bazaar this Saturday, so trying to finish a few things.