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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Do they really scare birds?  Probably for just a little while till the
birds catch on....I am registered with the backyard habitat program so I don't want to scare them, but I also love scarecrows and wish I would have kept track of all I have helped make with grandkids as their entry for the fair.  But this year, I am entering one in my name..the grandkids have all grown up and are raising babies.   The one I am working on isn't one but a man and woman holding hands...still needing some supplies to finish but I have till mid Sept. to get it done.   The one I am posting today is one who resides in my potting shed.   She keeps me company out there and looks a bit like a librarian.   She isn't named but perhaps I should work on that since she is a permanent resident.

I created one jar of pickles yesterday, yes only one but that was all the cucumbers I had with my first picking.   There will be more as I see lots of little ones.  I make a sweet dill and they are so easy and always popular.   I also picked beets and made Harvard beets for dinner and harvested a nice Savoy cabbage.   It is wonderful what a litle seed can produce for our tables.

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