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Monday, August 8, 2011

photo frustrations

so I bought the new camera and took some photos and now can't put them on here..and I guarantee you the subject matter was great and the pictures were good too....I wanted to showcase a collection or two that I have..and since I am the gardener they would have been garden related...I have quite a few miniature tools and they are all in a tin bowl and of course are charming...also a few brass nozzles and then some small shelves  full of frogs...not the croaking kind but those doodads that you use in the bottom of vases to hold flowers...they are collectible and see them in antique stores.....all of us sisters have 'stuff'....good stuff of course...and we aren't hoarders...no we are a bit more organized......   This trend has not passed on to my daughter who says that when I leave this earth she is selling the house with everything in it so it makes it easy for the next collector who might buy it. 

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