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Monday, August 8, 2011


I did my usual Monday-leading exercising with my assisted living group and volunteering at RSVP.  My husband and I also attended a memorial service for my neighbor, he had been our neighbor for 20 years.   It made a very long day.  Yesterday I put a couple of things on E-bay.  I love to knit and I could knit for hours and that created carpel tunnel problems in both my wrists, so I stopped knitting.  Then I had surgery in both wrists, started knitting again and now I am having more problems, so I stopped knitting again.  So a few months ago at Goodwill (you know I may be going there too much) I saw 3 Weave-It looms, 2 of them 4 inches and one 2 inches.  And I thought that since I had given up knitting maybe I could weave in the evening while watching tv.  But they hurt my hands too.  So I put them on ebay, one sale is for the 4 inch and 2 inch, instructions, booklet of weaving patterns, needle and many squares already woven.  The other sale is for a 4 inch and instructions.  I was going to show you a picture of the Weave-It but Blogger doesn't like my pictures today.  I also have about 3 more sections to put in the reed for my napkins.  It is a good thing I am not a production weaver because I would starve, it takes me so long to get my loom set up to weave.

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