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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last night I was hand watering around my front area and noticed a praying mantid in one of my junipers. And then I looked closer and she had a real grip on a big old grasshopper.   I ran into the house to get my camera...what a photo of her in action.   Wonder if she 'prays' over her prey.  I have been working so hard in my garden.   So much has become overgrown and I have spent 2 hours each morning before the heat comes dealing with all of it.  Yesterday I dug out a load of hollyhocks and lamb's ears.   There is more today.   Hoping that next summer I will have a show garden, but it sure isn't right now.   Not a good representative of a Master Gardener....but then our grandfather was a shoemaker/repairer and our Mom said they never had shoes.

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