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Monday, August 22, 2011

globe thistles

Aren't they neat looking...and yes, they are in the thistle family that we don't like...those weeds that grow alongside the road....but these are ornamentals and dry so beautifully and will be in a wreath I am making this fall.   I worked outside 2 hours this morning again and had to give up because the temperature got hot early.  Things are looking better though and I have finished cleaning the shed.   Took a load to a dumpster and a load to ReStore.  Don't you love to shop at ReStore?....never know what you will find there...I once even saw some headstones with people's names on them......I didn't buy them........Have loved my sister's posts...that sweet pillow is wonderful and loved seeing Gail's shopping list at Borders.   We all hate that they are closing.   Better Homes and Gardens has a holiday edition they put out each year...always with a snowman pillow on the front...at least for the last 3 years and I bought the current one today.   There is a wonderful stenciled pillow in there too.  I also love their Country Gardens editions which come out 4 times a year and always have a shed on the front of them.  The current one has a nifty decorating idea for fall....an old rake head mounted on the outside of a door and has juniper and bittersweet vine entertwined.   Both are on the newstand...but not at Borders....boo hoo.....

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