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Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Yard Art

Real Maple Syrup

The bird seed is put in the top and the funnel
inside distributes the seed. You can
see a plug in the top of the feeder.

Scarf and bird feeder
My sister has been making some yard art to sell at the Master Gardener's plant sale. I thought she would like to see a bird feeder that the husband of one of my friend's made. We are taking the bird feeder and my handwoven scarf to the state convention of an organization that we belong to. We are hoping to sell tickets to win them and make a little money for scholarships that we give for students going into education. I am also including a picture of the bottle of maple syrup that our other sister brought for each one of us. Diana has already had some pancakes with the syrup but I haven't opened mine yet, I will be opening it soon. On the loom I am continuing the red and black shadow weave scarves and have started a warp for the rug loom with black warp. Hoping to make a couple of rugs for our living room.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I seem to have problems getting photos on here...I managed two of them but had another that I wanted and it simply sat there and would not finish loading up....well I don't want to brag too much but all this loot was just a tiny bit of the nice birthday lunch I had with my sisters on Saturday...the photo I could not load was a bottle of maple syrup and some meyer lemon pancake mix....the syrup was in such a pretty bottle and looked a bit like a fancy booze bottle....I can't wait to taste and I don't want to share...is this not nice?..Thank you Wilma.......now check out the photos I did manage......my sister Gail made this little travel trailer ...out of fabric!!!..it has spools of thread for wheels...and of course she made the card too and it matches the trailer and wishes me travel experiences in my future.....hope that part comes true...thank you Gail....xoxoxo
And this photo does not do justice to the treasures that Amy gave to me....but part of it was a sweet little make up bag and in it was this wonderful compact with the message that this lady received it from a college graduation gift in 1945........Amy found it at an estate sale.....there was more including some nice bath good smelling stuff......we all had lunch at the Holiday Inn and I took photos of our meal and sent one of them...the Monster Club Sandwich to a website at the Herald Republic where you can showcase something good served locally.

Friday, March 23, 2012

planning for our plant sale

Garden art this year so working on some things.
This basket full of tiny plants will be more grown up when you see them on the weekend of May4th 5th and 6th.   We also have many hanging baskets all growing so nice.

This was a dresser one of our members threw away and I salvaged it.....should have taken 'before' pictures....I glued it all back together and painted it a patio color...   Put those plant sale dates on your calendar.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Mushroom babies not real babies. My husband has been raising mushrooms. We have already had dinner using some of them and they are still producing. They are pioppino mushrooms. He received his start from the Fungi Perfecti Co. out of Olympia Washington, www.fungi.com. On the weaving side, I have tied on to the shadow weave and have started a new scarf, this one is red and black. I have cut off the IPad sleeves but I haven't finished them yet. I am thinking of adding some leather for a closure, not sure about how I am going to do it. I have also received confirmation of a class that I am taking in October at  www.weaversschool.com. I am taking the beginning weaving course. I learned at college that no matter how good you think you are at something it is always better to take the beginners class. I am looking forward to going and expect that I will learn a lot. The big question is "can I weave all afternoon, without stopping." Most of the time when I weave, I weave a little, stop, weave a little, stop.You get the picture.
Shadow Weave, red and black

Pioppino Mushrooms

Cat, laying on a piece of woven wool in front of the
heat. He loves laying behind this chair. I thought
this was just an interesting pose.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Today's creation

Gail sent me a photo of a sweet little tea cup with a nest and some other decor in it....it had a little ribbon across it that said "Spring"...but I didn't have that so used what I had....this was the only tea cup I owned too, so now I must go yard saling.....If I can get ambitious I think these would sell at our plant sale.......

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spiders and Silk

After looking at Diana's spider, I just happened to turn towww.weeverwoman.blogspot.com and she is showing a cape made from spider's silk. Diana I think you need to start "milking" that spider for some silk! I can't imagine the time and effort it took to produce this cape.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

One of Those Days

I started my morning by starting our income tax. Not my favorite thing to do, luckily we have a very simple form. Then my husband wanted to go to Home Depot and take our van camper. We haven't been driving our camper this winter, although my husband has been starting it. So first we went to Petco for some dog food. Then we couldn't get the camper started again. My husband thought it was because of water in the line but the tow driver thought it was the fuel pump. We were close to Burger King and it was lunch and the tow was going to be a while, so we had lunch. Then I called my son and he came and got me and the dog and left my husband to wait for the  tow. It took 3 hours before he got home! They had to send a tow truck from a town 30 miles away! While I was at home alone, I got started on tying on the next warp for the next shadow weave, this one will be red and black. I also have just a little left on the IPad warp and so I am weaving off on it.
Tell next time,
These are some super cute envelopes that my sister gave
to me for Valentine's Day. I am not sure what I am going
to put in them, but I will think of something.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


do you have it?.....this phobia?......not me though I like these guys best when they are outside and not crawling along my floor or in the bathroom sink.   I have watched this spider all winter.....and have never seen activity like this when it is cold...   This is my kitchen window which faces south so think the warmth invites him to live there....there is a beautiful web..and all winter there have been tiny bits of 'food' stored in that web...this morning there are 2 small flies/sort of mosquito like.....when it was real cold he would disappear...probably snuggling in a crack in the house somewhere....my great grandson has loved watching him.....likes the window in between the spider and him though ...I took this photo a couple of months ago and didn't use it as it didn't capture the beautiful web.  We are in Master Gardener classes right now and yesterday's lesson was what is an insect......spiders Latin name is Arachnid and they always have eight legs.....this is too many legs for an insect.