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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Coming into the 21st century!

I bought a digital camera...I know...most of you are on your 3rd one, but not me......I have it out of the box, the time and date entered on it and little else.....my daughter will come on Sunday for a lesson on how to post on the computer...in the meantime I am going to be snappin' those photos so I can put them on here.....and my first post will lead to far more I think....I am not telling my subject because I don't want my sisters to get ahead of me...but they will be following.  ....and other news?...I love my new underground sprinkler system.   Gardening in this heat is not easy but not having to move heavy irrigation pipes or dragging hoses everywhere sure helps.  Today I had a retirement dinner and I got two gift cards to thrift stores as part of a gift...who could ask for anything more..........

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