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Monday, August 15, 2011

Weaving Again

Finally got my loom threaded and I wove one napkin.  It looked like I had a threading error, so I cut it off and washed that sample to check on the size.  Corrected that error and wove another napkin and wondered why I had such long floats, then I noticed that I didn't have one treadle tied up correctly and it looked like another threading error!  So I was in the process of correcting that error when I decided to stop and write on the blog.  Am I the only one who has these problems?  I gave my neighbor one of my dishtowels and pointed out an error in the weave, she said,"don't tell me about an errors, if I can't see them they don't exist."  I like that except I can see them.  I am going to lunch with my sisters this afternoon, volunteering at RSVP and then helping my neighbor decide if she can recover a bench for her daughter.  I have recovered a few things but I am not an expert about it.  She is an excellent sewer but not as sure about recovering. She thinks I do a great job. Hah
I love the look of all the yarn straight and tight.
 I always put in a spacer thread that I take out before I hem.  This is the place where I fold my fabric.  I always hem by machine if it is something that will be used and washed by machine.  I assume napkins will be washed and dried by machine.

First example washed and second one bigger and unwashed.

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