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Friday, August 19, 2011

Thrift Store

My "small" collection

 Pellets that I found at the thrift shop.
Some of the finished bags.

When we went out to lunch the other day, we went to a thrift store.  I bought some pellets to make "I Spy Bags."   I always pick up any that I find because they are pricey if I have to buy them at the fabric store, since I just use them to make bags that I give away or donate.  I started making the bags using one of the forms from www.crafters.margescreation.com/products/ispybags.html.  This is a great site since she just charges 5.00 for a pattern and she has so many patterns and they can just be downloaded to my embroidery machine.  I have a couple but the one I use the most is just a round circle.  Of course if you don't have an embroidery machine, you can make them out of stretch fabric, put in a piece of plastic and just cut the fabric, since it won't ravel. I started to collect small things for the bags and now I need to make some more since my small collection is growing and growing.  I think I will put on a warp for a scarf or two on the loom that I have in my sewing room and I can embroidery and weave at the same time.

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