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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day two

Today we went on a hike. We started in the rain and after it stopped,we had beautiful weather. We stopped and did some water experiments at a pond and then went to a lagoon. We stopped for lunch at South Beach park. The only thing I didn't do was walk on the algae covered rocks. We started at 8:30 and ended at 4:00. I am rather proud of myself for making it. Not bad for the oldest chaperone.

Monday, April 29, 2013

How Much can you grow in a Small Space

I have begun my documentation for a garden project.   I am hoping all my photos and text will become a Power Point for next year's classes.   I built this sad looking box measuring 44 inches by 47 inches....that is just the size of the boards I found......it is small and now it is planted with radishes, kolrabi, beets, carrots and 2 bush cucumbers in the corner....I am hoping those cucumber seeds wait to come up when it is warmer.    And the netting?   Well that is because the big dog, Claudiam likes to dig in nice soil.   So that will come off when things come up.   It could be used for netting to keep birds away.   I should be using it in another area of the garden where quail are gobbling up the peas as they come up.   The scale is one I got from where I used to work.   The man I worked with said they found it in the 'bone yard' and gave it to me.   I intend on weighing all the food that comes out of this garden.   I also intend on planting it very densley and also do succession planting so there is never bare soil........stay tuned.   How much food CAN a person grow in a very small space?   I am going to find out.

Port Townsend

I am here in Port Townsend, writing on my I-phone. I spent the day getting 3 kids to different classes. Today we had a writing class, a class on marine mammals, we had to draw skeletons of different animals, art class and a class about intertidal invertebrates. Even though I am a chaperone, I still do everything the kids do. Tomorrow is a all day walk!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I started a new run of scarves, still in wool. These remind me of the licorice party mix. My husband is starting a small run using squares of red and gray. We had a lot of wool red and gray fabric and he is going to be making a small runner with it, he is still getting his warp on the loom. Next week I am going to Port Townsend, a great little town with a inactive fort. The fort still has beautiful old homes on it. Hopefully I will get some pictures. My sister volunteered to be a chaperon for her granddaughter and two other 12 year olds but then she became ill and instead of Port Townsend, she went to the hospital. So I am taking her place.  We are going to be gone a week and the kids will be learning the ecology of the area. Port Townsend it on the inter peninsula of the Olympic Peninsula. Google it, beautiful area. There will be about 40 students. I have been trying to gather all the things I will need for the trip, without having to spend too much money. I did have to buy a pair of boots, not the type that you wear in the city but more like the kind you muck out the barn. Don't want to spend any money that isn't on yarn. Last weekend we went to a fiber fest in a very small town just south of Spokane. It was a lot farther than I thought it would be but we did come back with some beautiful yarn and a little something else.
Licorice scarves

Square runner-each color is 4 inches wide-he is hopeful
that he can made the weft 4 inches, so that they are

This is what we brought home, it is an Ashford
Traditional spinning wheel, probably made in the 1970's. So far we have not been able
to spin anything, although we are getting better getting the wool
on the leader.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little more weaving

This is a wool scarf-needs clipping and fringe tied.
I thought about calling these scarves on this
run "Fifty Shades of Gray"but actually there
is just one shade of gray
My husband has been weaving on the little Rasmussen loom. The pattern is from "Simple Weaves." He is weaving for pillows. He has had some issues and has already cut off a sample. I am going to serge it and wash it to see what size it will be finished. I am still working on the wool scarves and need to finish the fringe. We are going on a road trip this Saturday and coming home with a surprise, not another loom but something else. Pictures will follow showing my find. Amy
This is his sample-I think that he has a couple of extra picks
on it.

His pattern came from this book.

Page 102

This looks a lot better.

Friday, April 12, 2013

LOOT!!   These are late birthday gifts from my sisters and I love it all.   Paper dolls from the 1940s and a purse from the same time....and a compact to go in it...and that is a sweet garden sign and homemade cards...I am blessed.  Today we had lunch at my house....a sort of working lunch to begin talks about the upcoming Kid Kamp here...it takes lots of planning.....everyone brought something to eat that began with my first name...the letter D..there was no discussion and I thought we would have trays of deviled eggs and doughnuts...but only one tray of the eggs, and a rich Chicken Divan casserole, a Deli meat tray, dill pickles, dip for some fruit..and for dessert a Dr. Pepper cake....and it was so good.....so a fun lunch, planning started and a good day...