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Friday, August 19, 2011

Outdoor projects

I have been cleaning our tool shed and where did all that stuff come from.....I have hauled 3 boxes of stuff to a dumpster, have 2 boxes loaded for the ReStore and have been sorting nails and screws...and I am about half way there.  I have been able to throw more stuff away because my husband cannot walk out there easily and has lost interest in doing things so I can be a bit brutal and he won't know the difference.   I will continue tomorrow and hope I can get it all done by Monday.   I also have been harvesting from our garden, cabbage, cucumbers, peppers and basil.....and the beautiful photo?....it is from our Master Gardener demonstration garden, a beautiful cardoon in bloom and about seven feet tall.   I have dried these blooms and they are beautiful, but the plant is edible....the stalks, you peel them and can eat them raw or use in recipes.

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