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Thursday, August 4, 2011

a short report

Gail here today and as Amy said, "It is hot." But we don't have a water shortage nor do we have over 100 degree weather so we are good. It's been cooler at night so that helps it stay cooler during the day in the house. Some people have air conditioning but we don't. My husband says that we'd only need it a few days a year but I am the one with the hot flashes!

All of us love to go to the Goodwill and other second-hand stores, I think Diana and Amy go every day but I only go occasionally. I guess that is why they are always finding incredible bargains and I don't :( Today, however Amy brought me something she found that is incredible. If you are a rubber stamper or scrapbooker, you'd love this, too. She found  a package of four Nestabilities Spellbinder Die Sets which retail for $24.95 per set but she paid $7.99!!!! for all four sets. Is that incredible or what? It's a good day even if it's hot.

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