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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Not at the Goodwill this time. Unfortunately Borders is closing soon so I went there and fortunately for me everything was on sale! Sorry to see them close as they had all the latest magazines I liked to read. Here's what I bought: a golfing book for my husband which retailed for $30; an entire first year series of a television show in CDs or Discs or whatever that retailed for $44; eight magazines, three for me and five for DH which retailed up to $14.99 each and my new lunchbox style box for me which retailed for $30 all for just under $100.00! I went back later and got two things for Christmas presents which I promptly put away and another book for DH and a book for me this time on how to do surface designs.  I'll have to read it and review it later. Here's my new box:
Not sure how I'll use it yet, but I love it. Gail

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