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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stepping Stone and Weaving

Getting ready to thread reed, notice
I number my treadles with painters tape.
I found a stepping stone kit at Value Village awhile ago and used it Thursday to make a stepping stone with my grandsons.  The kit came in a little burlap bag (I think I am going to make a pillow out of the bag), it had the cement, dye to color it and some little rocks for decoration.  I already had the form to make the square, since I have made a couple of them for my daughter-in-law.  Everything went smooth except we put in too much water and had to wait a bit to add everything.  We are going to place it in the garden on Tuesday when the kids are back at our house.  Also on Thursday the director assistant at RSVP called and asked me what I was going to donate to the luncheon in October.  Each October they give a free lunch to everyone who volunteers for 36 hours during the year.  I have donated something for the last few years, so I started searching for a weaving pattern to try.  I found a pattern for napkins in a Handwoven magazine (May/June 1993).  I didn't read it well and thought I would only need half of the thread ends since I wasn't doubling the warp threads, just using a bigger thread.  Then I reread it and it said to use 432 ends, which I will have to do, just not use double thread.  And just to clarify for my sister, I do not go to Goodwill everyday, maybe just a couple of times a week, I live close.  However my husband and I went to a town about 30 miles away today and I stopped at their Goodwill and found a weaving book!

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