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Thursday, August 25, 2011

herb butter

I love growing nasturtiums...those big fat leaves and several colors of blooms....but I like to eat them too...both are edible though I have never eaten the leaves, but have seen them used like a cracker with appetizer ingredients on top..... I like to chop the blooms, add some chopped parsley and chopped chives and mix it into softened butter....real butter of course.   Then spread it on sour dough or French bread and heat and eat....so good.   I have nasturtiums growing in a couple of locations and they are so pretty this year.   If your soil is too rich you will only get leaves, so you should plant them in a location that hasn't been amended with compost or fertilizer.  They are annuals and must be planted each year.         On Saturday our MG group will have another class in the garden.   This is more of a walk thru than a class.   We are showing many ways to re-cycle or re-purpose in the garden by showcasing our trellises, benches, pathways, signs and garden art.   We are giving away a tower of glass garden art.   These are the same ones we made in a class.   It is a stack of recycled glass....vases, saucers, bowls, etc...all glued together with Epoxy 6000....and so pretty.

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