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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Not the talk-back-to-you kind....but quail.   We have always had a lot of quail and we saw a family of babies early on....but then they went away....but I think they were back today but the little ones were teenagers now..half grown but still with their parents because we know teenagers need parenting.   I love the wildlife we see here and would like more...
have only seen about 2 snakes and few frogs, though I did see one this morning..tiny but very dark green.   I see dragonflies (our state insect), damselflies, butterflies and of course a bizzillion insects....so many birds including lots of goldfinches (our state bird) and even big hawks swooping in the sky. Tis the season for weaving...not my sister Amy's weaving, but the orb spiders.  They are weaving their beautiful webs, storing food for the eggs they will lay so that when they hatch, the babies will have something to eat.   Check in your garden and you will see the intricate weaving by them....it is comparable to my sister's work.   The Latin word for spiders is aracnid and if you are afraid of them you have aracniphobia.

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