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Friday, September 23, 2011

A start on my Christmas for Great Grandkids

I made pillows like this..9 of them years ago when I had little grandkids..now those kids are having kids...lots of them...a total of 12, 13 if you add one stepgrandchild and another 23 if you include Hank's great grandkids...whew!....but this project involves 12 of them because I gave one already years ago when there was only one........I have all the crosstitch done for all of them and 6 of the pillows purchased, (yard sales and Goowill) and all of the above I had on hand including the thread, and fabric....but now I think I need to buy some fabric so they are perfect for color and interest of the child and also need some more pillows....glad I have time.   I am not glad to be spending most of my time in the house but it does allow me to get started on these. Two days ago was our 43 wedding anniversary and my hubby who has always planned ahead and bought for me, showed little interest in the day...in fact he shows little interest in much...is the way it is.   When I took those vows so long ago I was young and I said, I Do and Yes when I should have but really didn't see this day coming...for better or worse, in sickness and in health

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