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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Staying Busy

My favorite spot to be is outside but for the present I have found myself indoors almost all the time. With my husband's health I am just too afraid to be away for very long. Though he is walking with a walker he is still pretty wobbly and so I have stayed busy inside. I tried to duplicate one of those cats I saw on the BHG website ...it was a 'fraidey' cat but mine turned out to more of a 'cheesey' sort of cat. I have also been working on Christmas presents for my great grandkids and hope to post them sometime soon...have one done and only eleven to go.  My garden is still producing though and yesterday I picked another bucket of tomatoes, and will have to deal with them someway. Also a grandaughter brought us some peaches and they are sending out a nice aroma so they are ripening too. We are blessed to live in a valley that produces so much food that is so good for you. We are having lovely fall weather here.

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