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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Audio Books and Stuff

As I mentioned before, while I am weaving I like to listen to books on tapes. Last weekend I went to a yard sale because they advertized audio books. I was lucky to find 3 audio books that I haven't heard or read. And they were only $2 apiece. I will be happily weaving and listening this weekend. I am continuing my warp for mug rugs and my warp on my other loom for napkins. I am also going to warp my other 4 shaft counterbalanced loom for my husband. Last spring I went to a thrift shop and found some cotton already warped for .50 apiece and brought it home. I think it will make great dish towels. The reason it takes me so long to weave off my work is that I really can only weave in short periods during the week and do most of my weaving on the weekend.

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