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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lunch and Loom

 The Hammett loom all set up, my husband changed all
the cords. I am not going to use the sectional beam because
I don't have a tension box. But I have hopes that my husband
will make me one.
 Today my sisters and I ate lunch at my house. We had planned to do some sewing but decided to take our sewing home. This allowed us a lot of time to talk and it means we will have to get together for lunch again after our sewing is done. We never give up an opportunity to eat.  After lunch we went across the street where they are having an estate sale and my sisters bought a few things. Maybe they will show what they found. My husband is across the street almost every day buying a little as they have been cleaning out my neighbor's house. I did find two full size wool blankets for two dollars apiece. I am thinking about a wool rug. And speaking of rugs, we got Dixie the Hammett loom put together. She is ready for a warp, I am thinking about just warping for more mug rugs because I still need a few for the luncheon in October and I will see if Dixie needs any adjustments on a smaller warp.

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