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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Signs of fall

I think many gardeners have a late blooming aster and of course I have some too....and I love them except I know that they are signaling the end of the garden season. You may have a mum that blooms after these guys but few I suspect. I have mine planted by a beautiful goldenrod which is in full bloom right now also. This should signal to us that we need to install more landscape plants that bloom later. This morning temps here give us a pretty good idea also as it was 37 here this morning. That isn't cold enough to kill off those tomatoes that keep producing. I am tired of them and of course come November I will be wanting some for a salad. There is a basket on the counter right now and I am trying something new with them....tomato jam.
My friend says it is wonderful, though I think it might be hard to try the first bite. It has lemon in it. Have you ever tasted it? In addition to that I am making pepper jelly too....it is delish

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