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Monday, July 25, 2011

Weaving and Gardening

This morning my husband harvested some of his green beans.  He planted a heirloom variety and they are big and taste great.  He spent part of his morning putting them in the freezer.  He also picked a small bowl of red raspberries.  On Mondays I volunteer at two different places, in the morning I am at an assisted living leading an exercise group and later I am at RSVP.  RSVP stands for Retired Seniors Volunteer Program, I do data entry for them.  Then this afternoon I spent some time weaving.  I am at the end of my warp for my dishtowels, so I thought I would weave some Christmas trees.  Yes, I know it is July.  This pattern is from weave-away.blogspot.com The pattern is in one of her old posts.  The only thing I did different was to not do the last two treadles.  I hope to make these into Christmas ornaments by cutting between every fourth or fifth tree.  I may even put a star on one tree in each set with fabric paint.  I was not sure about putting these trees on the blog since if I don't get them into ornaments, I am sure my sisters will let me know.

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