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Saturday, July 30, 2011

new project

On the "net" yesterday, I found a really cute project to make so thought I could whip it up last night. I bought the supplies yesterday to make three of these but after I made one, it didn't work out  so now I either have to ditch it or rip it out and try again. I think I may try it once more and then, if it doesn't work, save the supplies for something else. I guess I'm like a lot of people who want it to be right on the first try when I know things get better with practice.

I've been cutting scraps of my card-making paper into pieces that are 4x5 up to 6x6 and then I'm tossing the smaller or odd size pieces but I'm not throwing them away, I'll take them to the elementary school near me for kids to use in art projects.  I love paper and have boxes and boxes of it but have decided to stop buying and start using. Most of my supplies for cards and scrapbooking are like this. Sometimes, I even go into stores and can't find anything to buy that I don't already have so have to start cutting down.  Maybe I'll even get some cards made to share with you soon.

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