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Friday, July 22, 2011


The Cat

Do you have pets?  We seem to collect them.  Our dog is a whippet mix that we got from the pound about 11 years ago.  She is old and just likes to lay around.  However if offered a walk she will lead me right to the park, she knows the way.  We also have 2 cats.  One is named "the cat", he use to live with our neighbors but when they moved a few blocks away, he would just keep coming back, so we started feeding him and the rest is history.  He is my husband's cat and rarely has anything to do with me.
Lokey or Luke
Henry, when he was little
Our other cat was my daughter's cat, when she moved back into our house she came with a cat.  But when she left, she left without a cat.  He likes to lay around in the basement family room.  He is known for his loud cry.  He also loves everyone except the dog.  About 16 months ago my son got a golden retriever.  So 4 days a week we dog sit Henry.  Henry use to eat socks but he has grown out of that.  Now he will grab anything to get you to chase him. He loves to play but our other dog doesn't really like it so much.  He is one of the biggest golden retrievers I have ever seen.  People tell us that they don't grow up until the are at least 2, so we have hopes for him.  He loves to come to our house and really doesn't like to leave when my son comes.

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