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Monday, July 18, 2011

I am the 'big' sister and have wanted a blog for a long time, simply because I always have way too much to say, so thank you to our 'little' sister, whose birthday is today, for beginning one for us.   I have already flubbed up my first post so will try to improve.   And why did we name us from Shore to Shore....we live only miles from each other, but our maiden name was Shore.    I am the gardener.  I must have some soil to dig in, and I believe it is in my genes, or jeans, whichever is proper for the day.   Our grandmother was a gardener and one of my first memories of her was her cutting off a piece of a rose and sticking it into the soil and then putting a Mason jar over the top to create another rose.   I was so impressed....and still am with propogation, whether it is the miracle of the seed, a clump you lift from the soil or a piece of plant material that you root.

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