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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Berry Good

I picked a small serving bowl of summer raspberries today and a little cereal bowl of black cap raspberries.   They seem small and a bit dry so perhaps they need more water and a bit of fert......I say 'they' but I only have one bush.....is a reminder that our grandmother grew them, picked and sold them and it was her only way of having a little money.   Our parents grew them too and we made jelly out of them for the winter.   It was delish...my little strawberry patch is coming to the end of it's harvest and they have been so tasty.   Today I pulled some kohlrabi and peeled and sliced it with a rusty garden tool.....after washing it was great and I saved a trip to the kitchen.  When my grandkids were small I always had them pull carrots and wipe them on their pantslegs...and told them they were much sweeter that way......the carrots...not the grandkids..

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