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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


All my sisters and I like a good treasure find at Goodwill or a thrift shop.  One day my husband and I were downtown where they were having antique booths on the sidewalk.  We had just arrived at the first one and I found a closed box.  When I opened it I discovered two shuttles and about 25 bobbins.  Now there are not many weavers around my area, that I know about, and finding these was a real find.  My husband asked the seller how much they were and to my surprise she said $3.00.  I had my money out quickly.  These bobbins and shuttles are what I use the most.  When I looked at the bobbins closely I realized that they were not really bobbins, but the reels from film.  The kind of film no one uses anymore and is called vintage on e-bay.  They work like a charm with my two Hammett shuttles.  They sometimes go a little too fast and tangle around the shaft, but it  really isn't a problem.  Just one of the many treasures I have found.  Have you found a treasure?

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