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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rug warp again

I thought by this time I would have at least one rug done, but I experienced more problems with this rug warp. My first mistake was using a 12 dent reed. I decided to use 8 ends per inch, so I warped the reed, 2 ends, skip one dent and 2 ends. Just as I was ready to weave the rug and after having everything tied etc, I noticed that I had skipped more than one dent in one place, so I corrected that mistake by resleying  half of the reed. I got everything ready again and discovered that I had a thread missing from one heddle (no idea where it went), so I resleyed the other half of the reed and tied on again.  But of course I had skipped 2 dents instead of 1 and of course it was in the middle.  So I left it for now and will try to correct it tomorrow. I have two temples, one of them is too short for this warp and the other is too long, so I had to order another temple from Webs www.yarn.com.  Maybe by the time it arrives I will be ready to use it!

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