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Monday, November 21, 2011

Weaving surprise

This is what I thought they would look like,
straight tabby.

Instead this is what they turned out like-I love the texture.
I spent yesterday doing some sewing on edges of things that my husband and I have woven. He had made some dish towels using some rug warp and cotton yarn. He was only doing tabby, so I wasn't so sure how they would be as dish towels. Boy was I in for a surprise when I washed them. I thought I would just get a straight tabby look but they became very full and have a V shaped pattern! I have no idea where that came from-I told my husband that we should use that combination again because they really made nice towels, who knew! I also put hems in some of my handwovens. So I put 6 towels in the Christmas box from Sam and 2 small towels and 1 dishtowel of mine in the box. Sam also had enough warp for a washcloth, dishcloth and a dish towel for us.  So now the only thing left of our handwovens are the place mats that Sam made. I am avoiding them because I hate putting on bias binding. And I couldn't find any that I thought was the right size at the fabric store, so I bought some fabric to make them, another thing I hate to do, make bias binding.

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  1. So impressive, Amy. I didn't realize that Sam was spending time on the loom. I love the texture of the washed fabric, too.

    Hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving and that Tyler was able to make it.