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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ornament Exchange

This first ornament is made from can tabs laced together with ribbon.
The second wreath is made from buttons.

Some years we have had a project to work on
at the exchange. This year we made trees
with cardboard cones from the craft store
and cardstock. We cut and layered the paper.
This would be a good project to do with kids
For the last 30 years, a group of us have been exchanging ornaments. We usually get together before Christmas and have a little dinner and exchange our ornaments. The last few years we have been choosing a theme. One year we did a country and we brought ornaments that would be part of that countries' tradition. Another year we did era of time, we had everything from a caveman suit (with a bone) to poodle skirts. This year we had to make an ornament from recycled or from material that you already had in your home. We make about 13-15 ornaments which are all the same and then pass around our ornaments for others to take one. One of the ladies that we trade with was a baby at the first ornament exchange, sitting in her infant seat!
 The top ornament was made by my sister, Diana. She took
a wooden spool, covered it with sheet music and put a wire through it
with beads. The second one was made by a friend's daughter.
She took a small bottle and put small beads in it and charms on the outside.
The envelope is the one that I made. It has my woven trees up
in the corner.

The snowman is felt on a medal can lid. The little Raggedy Ann was
made from small fabric scraps. The little house is made from Christmas
cards. The bird was made by my sister, Gail. It is a little fabric scrap with a
vintage yo-yo and is estampad with "brrr"

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