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Friday, November 11, 2011


Yesterday I had to take my IMac back to the store because I did a very stupid thing. I was going to put my camera memory card into the slot that is on the side of the IMac. However I wasn't paying attention to where I was putting it and I put it into the cd slot. Then it just disappeared into the machine. I tried to force it out but it was no go-when I went to the store the clerk took a piece of paper and folded in half and slipped it in the cd player and just flipped the card out. The good news is that he didn't charge me for my stupidity. I would have hated to pay for such an easy fix. He said it is just one of those things that you learn to do with an IMac. I suggested that they should have put the two different slots on opposite sides. So now
I have my memory card back and I wanted to show a couple of things that my sister, Gail has made for me.

Sorry this picture is a little blurry-this is a wall hanging
that is 24 inches square

This wall hanging is only about 12 inches square-these pieces are very
small-this was done with paper piecing-Gail does a beautiful job. 
My sister, Diana has suggested that with 10 boxes of jeans, I may be starting to collect too many things just like our mother, actually that ship has already sailed.

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