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Friday, November 4, 2011

problems posting

seems I can write something on here but I would love to attach a photo and yet my computer doesn't want me to....think it is just this dial up but yet it is even worse than that.....love seeing all of my sister's entries though, Gail with her wonderful cards and Amy with her beautiful weaving.   I also have been playing with a craft item...a new Cricut given to me when I retired.   I hadn't used it till this week because I wanted a personal teacher and my daughter in law came and gave me a lesson...she was paid with dinner.  Kim has come and played with it too so it is sitting out on the table for all of us to use.  Now the rest of the world has probably been playing with and using them for years but I am just now doing so.   It sort of reminds me that I have never done what is popular at the time.   I am still waiting to wear one of those starched petticoats they wore in the 1950s.....

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