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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rug warp

I spent some time today and put on a rug warp on the Hammett. Of course I had some trouble with the warp, I wonder if I will ever be able to put on a warp without any problems? Is that possible? I love the way the Hammett has a back beam that comes off and the back roller and it  allows me to put a small stool inside the loom, in order to thread the heddles. I would never be able to thread without this because it would just be too far to reach. On the Gilmore the back beam pivots up and allows me to thread, but it isn't as deep as the Hammett. For the weft I am going to be using some cotton that I bought on E-bay. It is already cut, I think it was material that was used for sheets and these are the unused ends. Hopefully I will have some of it woven by tomorrow.
I just take a couple of pins off and this just lifts off, easy
to take off and replace.

This is showing my little stool that I use when
I thread the heddles, it was another find
at a thrift shop.

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