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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I spent some time this weekend and made three pillows from molas that I found at the Goodwill store. I think they came out looking very nice. Molas come from the kuna people of South America. I have seen some before at the Goodwill but this is the first time I bought and made something from them. I have also worked on the rugs that my husband made. He just finished two more and we will now tie on with rug warp to do some jean rugs. This will be the first time we have done any jean rugs but with 10 boxes of jeans in my basement, we need to get with it.
These are two of the three that I made, I just added black fabric on the back. I did have to make my own
pillow forms because these were not standard size. I looked them up on etsy and one person called
them, "soft art." I like that.

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