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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rugs and a View

My husband finished two more rugs, these are made of wool. The first one he calls, "Snakes on the Plains" but he hasn't named his pink and black one. The warp is made of linen, he had some tension issues and by the time he had finished the second one, he had a lot of things hanging off the back of the loom. He cut these two off the warp and is going to try to adjust the tension. I think since these are thin rugs that I need to use some steam and an iron to see if I can "full" the wool. I have been reading about shaft shifting in an old, "Weaver's Journal" from 1984. Why can't I use a simple shaft shifter on my little counterbalanced loom? Just something to think about. I am also including a shot of an area in our back yard. It is the only area that makes me forget that I live in a "desert" area.


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