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Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering our Mom

One of these photos shows a very large comfrey plant..more than 4 feet tall....almost in bloom.   Our Mom grew this stuff and swore by it as a fix for what ails you.  She originally ordered it thru the mail when she read that it was grown, dried and used for animal feed...it does grow fast and indeed can be cut down about 3 times during the growing season....but after she got it growing she read the description again and didn't know what one word meant....looked it up and it meant 'hairy' and the cows didn't like hairy food......but we grow it to honor our Mom...think Gail for sure and maybe Amy.....I can remember going to her house once and when I walked in there was a big green blob of something on her elbow....she had made a poulice of comfrey for an elbow that hurt.......I am not sure she ever ate it but I have read in the last few years that is is now considered a carcinegene.....yikes.........................other photo show my multiplying onion and indeed it is multiplying.

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