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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day
Flowers from my son

My new book

Linen thread for warp-making some wool rugs next
I hope everyone had a happy one. Mine started out with my husband and I going out for breakfast. We rarely go out for breakfast, it is a little heavy. At the restaurant they were giving out roses to mothers, so I got a rose to add to the vase that my son had sent me. I received a hanging plant from my other son. My daughter is just recovering from a nasty viral thing, she thought that she might have had whooping cough since she was exposed to it in her job. But tests showed that she didn't have it, but was still sick anyway. She has been released by her doctor and will be going back to work tomorrow,  but she did miss a week's work. So I got a nice call from her. I prefer that she keep any of her germs to herself, thank you. On my weaving front my husband has finished 3 rag rugs. While he is weaving I am kept busy sewing fabric together. A lot of sewing, trimming and rolling for a rug. So I am a little behind on my weaving, but I am ready to beam it on the loom and start. I ordered 4 rolls of linen warp and a new book. I was showing my grandson the new book and showed him that the scarves were made of tencel, which comes from wood, chitin which comes from shrimp and crabs shells and that one of the scarves was made of dog hair. He than asked about his shirt and I said it was cotton. I then asked him where cotton came from, I expected him to not know or say it was from a plant, instead he said, "Mississippi." I love second graders, he is now at the age that I taught for years. 

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