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Friday, May 18, 2012

I have started a new warp of towels, however I had some problems. Do you think I will ever be able to warp without saying I had a little problem? The good news is that I was using some yarn that I had and got from somewhere where I didn't pay much for it, because I whacked it off and probably will only get about 2 towels out of this warp. But I like the pattern so I got some more yarn and will just tie on to this warp. I bought the yarn from www.paradisefibers.com I like their service and they are very fast since they are close. The pattern of the towels is just like the old ticking. The new color will be a white and peacock blue. I think that my sett is too loose on the loom now so I bought some yarn that will be okay for a twill at the sett of 18. Since I have now spent some money on this yarn I will have to be more successful in my warping. Stress!
Yes that is a stick shuttle-I had trouble with my shed, but
I think I have that taken care of and I am going to use
a boat shuttle for the rest

This is a mistake that I am going to fix after I finish these
towels. These will be for me because the sett is wrong and
of course there is that mistake!


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