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Sunday, June 10, 2012

What a beautiful day here today...it has been so cold, wet, and dark and today I think spring/summer is upon us.   I mowed the lawns today which takes about an hour...as a Master Gardener it is my job to teach others to not have so much lawn..it requires water, and time and is such a waste....and it is the largest 'crop' we grow where we do not get a harvest off of it.....but living in the country, I do not know how I can eliminate a lot of it unless I have cows right by my house...so I mow a lot of lawn...if I lived in town I would have a little postage stamp sized lawn.   I moved the cows to the little back pasture area to get them out of their regular pasture because tomorrow the tree guys come and take down a tree...a big tree...maybe 200 feet tall...an elm that is in the pasture and is dead.   They say it will take all day.   My garden is growing and I am harvesting a lot of lettuce on Wednesday to put on some little sandwichs.   I am helping to cater a lunch for our annual yard tour and love using something from my garden.

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