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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Yes it is me again. I was looking at our "stats" and it said that only 2 people looked at our blog today. Seriously! We have more relatives than that, family is just not doing their job. Just saying. Woke up today to snow, after reading several other blogs (see I read blogs), it looks like a lot of people woke up to snow. Strange day. Our snow is not going to last long since we had a nice sunny day today. I took pictures of a couple of things that I got for Valentines. I got 2 different kinds of cupcakes. One type I can't show you because I ate it. It was delicious, chocolate with peanut butter in the middle. Thank you Diana. The other cupcake was actually a pot holder. Super cute and I have been hanging it in my kitchen. Love the orange color, thank you Charlotte. From Gail, I received a little bag with a zipper top that she made. Actually all the things I am talking about were homemade. She included a few little things in the bag, some stickers that my grandson really enjoyed and a little something she made.  I will show them later. I am having such problems with my camera. It seems that all I can take are blurry pictures. I have talked to a clerk at Costco about it, but he didn't know what is the problem. The problem could be me, but I just can't get a clear picture.
Until tomorrow,
Little cupcake pot holder

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