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Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Have Come A Long Way

Today I was cleaning out some boxes in my sewing room. Which by the way is a total mess. In one of the boxes I found a letter addressed to my mother-in-law from 1944. This was before she was married. It says:
To Whom it may concern:
   This is to advise that Anna Marie Harris has been in our employ for the past several months and has always performed very satisfactory services.
   The work that we had her doing is really a man's work as it required someone who can arrive on the job around 6 am, and for that reason we found it necessary to hire a man to take over this work.

Wow, this would never happen today, well it may happen but no one would put it into writing! I wonder why my MIL would have kept it for years. I think I may frame it.

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