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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Me Again

Yesterday was our day for lunch, so my two sisters and a friend met at Olive Garden. We had not met for Valentine's Day, so we saved our Valentines for that day. I haven't taken pictures of what I received but will tomorrow. I asked why they were not blogging and found out that Diana had loaned her camera to her daughter and Gail was having internet problems, so it is me again. I have been having some internet problems too and when I called my wifi provider the man who answered just couldn't get over the fact that we have been customers of their telephone service for 38 years.  He went on to tell me that that was a lot older than he was and then he asked if anyone in the house had any tech ability. I told him that that would be me, I am sure that he thought I must be too old to know anything about computers. When I got home I had received a package in the mail of a book that I had ordered from Amazon. I love how you can choose a used book seller from their website. I ordered a used book but it doesn't look like it was used. The book was "Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes." I really like the pictures of her actually weaving and drafts that she designed. I enjoyed reading about her weaving during the second world war and naming her designs with words like Jitterbug, Victory and new 1940 words like Superhighway and Turntable. And knowing that she sold her little cards with original designs for 25 cents. But the people who put this book together with her designs could not find a picture of her. They included a picture of a group from the 1940 National Conference of American Handweavers and said that one of the pictures is probably her, since she attended the conference but they didn't know which person. Well that is just sad. Remember to label your pictures, you may have a book published after you are gone and by golly you should have a picture of yourself in it.

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