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Thursday, March 1, 2012


do you have it?.....this phobia?......not me though I like these guys best when they are outside and not crawling along my floor or in the bathroom sink.   I have watched this spider all winter.....and have never seen activity like this when it is cold...   This is my kitchen window which faces south so think the warmth invites him to live there....there is a beautiful web..and all winter there have been tiny bits of 'food' stored in that web...this morning there are 2 small flies/sort of mosquito like.....when it was real cold he would disappear...probably snuggling in a crack in the house somewhere....my great grandson has loved watching him.....likes the window in between the spider and him though ...I took this photo a couple of months ago and didn't use it as it didn't capture the beautiful web.  We are in Master Gardener classes right now and yesterday's lesson was what is an insect......spiders Latin name is Arachnid and they always have eight legs.....this is too many legs for an insect.

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