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Sunday, October 2, 2011


I ordered a new temple from http://www.paradisefibers.net/ yesterday. I like to order from them because they are in my state and their things always arrive so quickly. I don't have a temple now and have been using the bottles of water with an aligator clip but with 2 looms in a small bedroom,  I just do not have the room for that. I have been warping for the little counterbalanced loom for my husband,  I am hoping to see some dishtowells come off of it. He thinks it will give him something to do when his gardening is all over.  My husband took the reed that came with it in and had it cleaned with a blasting of plastic pellets and it cleaned up really nice. It is a 15 dent reed and I am just using a 15 sett, hopefully that is enough for this fiber. Yesterday I went and volunteered at a local thrift shop that helps pay for our local mission. I straightened up areas and hung up clothes. I found a piece of four yards of wool fabric that I think will make a nice rug. I found a picture, the fabric, some yarn and a book and only paid a little over 3 dollars. I got a 30% discount for spending a couple of hours helping. Sometimes it pays to volunteer.

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