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Friday, October 14, 2011

Harvest Time, Squash that is

I have harvested my Delicata and Dumpling squash and I am rich in the stuff.   I loaded most of them into my truck this morning and tried to donate them to our local food bank but they were closed until Monday...so I brought some into the house to sample...I have one of the Delicata, (some people call them peanut squash) in the oven and if I really like it I might bring a few more in the house.   Even though they are a winter squash, their skins are a little tender so not sure they would keep too well.   The Dumpling have a tougher skin and are very heavy though small....I am sure if I threw one at someone they would get a big injury.   I also harvested most of the beets and a big cabbage yesterday and made pickled beets.   I am saving the big red cabbage for a giant cole slaw for my daughter's birthday dinner.   The garden is about done though and it is always bittersweet for me...I do get tired and need a respite, but the winter time here is long and bleak.

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